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Right… You say too much of a good thing? Well, not really.

A disclaimer: i have absolutely no formal training in magic(k) nor do i believe in such. Magick is one of the very few words that haven’t been worn out from excessive use and that still have some inherent power to it – as a word, as a vibration, as a verbal impulse and that to me, as a linguist, is the best bet.

What’s magick? As Aleister Crowley puts it – its “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”.

Now, who opposes it the most? The Church. An institutionalized religion, branched out from another, earlier religion that is actually based on causing the very change to occur in conformity with the  will… Red Sea parting anyone?

When Moses, persecuted by Egyptians, looks up to the sky with desperation and the Allmighty nonchalantly answers : “Why are you yelling at me?”  Right…

Its because he himself had all it takes to part the Sea.

I won’t even go to  Christian Bible/ New Testament and all the miracles described there, turning water into wine and so on.

And that’s the guys telling you magick is evil? Whom are they kidding?

The problem here is that if you start doing it yourself – then you are bypassing the mediator – and then the clergy would have to look for real jobs… Oy gevalt!

Don’t even get me started on astrology… 12 Tribes of Israel? Well even a wanna-be kabbalist who ventured at the time into London’t Kabbalah Center – if for nothing else – then to peek at then Mrs Richie… even s/he knows the 12 tribes denote the 12 zodiac signs.

Christian Bible? How was it exactly that Jesus was found by the three wise men? Aghh, they were following a Star… they have read his natal chart… and your priest tells you it all is a matter of the Devil?!

I’ll save my opinion on the devil for another entry – but let me tell you… he doesn’t exist. What does exist is a lot of stupidity combined with plenty of superstitions and an inherently  human trait to blame things on someone else… be it a fairytale horned semi-human… Yeah.


I am a sucker for ceremony and protocol and all. Be it my will – i’d have a special embroidered robe and a fancy stuff and probably a bronze cauldron  and what not… Yet i have no way of getting those where i am, given that my plans at the given moment do not include robbing a bank and/or depriving my dearest&nearest of basic means for living so i could get all the fancy gadgets… i doubt all those powerful magicians and alchemists from the past had stylized robes and designer magickal jewels… it might help, it might give you an additional impulse – but it all is not necessary.

Also, studies of ceremonial magic take years – and they aren’t available in any of the locations which wouldn’t represent a true ‘geographical  challenge’ to me…

So i choose to get by with what i have. Some call it Chaos Magick and here is what trusted wikipedia has to say about it: Chaos magic is a school of the modern magical tradition which emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods.

That’s good enough for me.

So, here i am, in my magical outfit – Indigo jeans 2011 winter collection, a preppy sweater and woolen socks from Marks and Spencer. My magickal footwear consists of comfortable &worn out slippers, bought at the local flee market.

My devoted apprentice and my only follower is napping on the tv receiver while purring in her sleep.

I have performed serious research of the rituals performed on the occasion of the Full Moon – i subsequently googled : Full Moon Magick, Full Moon Rituals, Moon Magic

All i need to know there. Seems most rituals use candles, floating ones being  the preferred kind, yet i don’t have them handy, so i’ll stick with the ordinary ones from the supermarket.

Needless to say i absolutely have no intention of hunting for bats or some other rare mammal or bug kinds, nor do i plan to pop in to some remote Himalayan meadow in order to pick a very special flower that grows once in seven years when constellations are synchronized in a quite particular way…

The magickal equipment used in this ritual is the following:

one unspecified candle bought at a supermarket

an oil burner from a Dollar (euro that is ) shop in Belgrade

soup bowl

couple of silver coins, just for the sake of it

some oils, one of them perfumed – with very strong bouquet, that i bought in Cairo, near the pyramids in Giza – have kept for almost a decade, felt sorry to throw to garbage, yet didn’t know what to make of it exactly.

INTENT to burn out and release all i don’t need anymore – all the thinking patterns and attitudes that limit and hinder my overall progress and well being…

Whom i am invoking by this powerful magickal ritual? My own psyche’s aspects most probably…

…as its all in our heads – its just that we are not aware how big they are!