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The Medieval era began esoteric circles of Kab...

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Nothing new under the sun – we know them all…

VANILLA  LATTE – the deck of choice usually features Unicorns, Mermaids or other equally realistic figures; the readings match the deck – fairy tales from an overactive imagination and very little actual reading skills; good for bedtime story telling – zero practical use.

AFFOGATO STYLE (PSEUDO QABALIST ) – deck of choice is usually Thoth, intro to the reading sounds like cursing in a dead language…Yesod of Aziluth, Daath of Beriah… Then they start climbing up your nerves instead the actual Tree of Life with more and more foggy correlations which mean very little to them personally and even less so to you as a sitter. Oh, please. Actual understanding of Kabbalah or any of its varieties is usually close to non-existant and the use of such readings as well.

CHAI TEA LATTE can’t actually read – they might go by ‘psychic Tarot reader’, ‘intuitive Tarot reader’ etc. without knowing Tarot as a system, they’ll read Tarot or whatever handy – as an oracle; unless you seriously suspect them to be a hidden Zen Master, that can be quite dangerous if they are in bad mood, tell you BS and activate your self-fulfilling-prophecies mechanism ; so, unless you are an experienced sitter with years of readings under your belt, unless you can tell the real psychic from a fraud at first glance/card  – keep your distance.

ICED TEA / the “harsh truth ” reader – be aware of the bully in disguise; they come in all shapes, are usually very assertive and make you feel week and vulnerable… they use scare tactics,  are probably cold-reading you and aim to either dis-empower you as a psychopath would (just for the sake of it) or to con you for money … or both. Send them where they belong – back to Hell.

BLENDED  FRUIT BEVERAGE/ THE PC READER – they sound like an Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador, weighting every word and reading decks that include all the ethnic minorities as well as at least one representative of LGBT population per Suit and all the religious denomination you can think of. They won’t predict, won’t read for pets, won’t read on anything that actually interests you.

If you are honing your skills as an UN negotiator – that’s a reader for you; if you need a Tarot reading – look further.

ESPRESSO – my favorite; brief,  straight to the core, with a touch of actual predicting that usually turns out to be accurate; no digressions, no pseudo-Jungian talk, no endless &futile descriptions of the artwork , no technical BS like Saturn in Pisces and Venus here and there and the Moon in the neighborhood.

That’s my kind of reader, albeit, in words of Dan Pelletier , your mileage my vary. 

stay tuned for the TAROT READER STRIKES BACK – next  read about the most obnoxious and draining types of sitters

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