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Spirituality has become a term of such a vast paradigm, that nowadays its used just about anybody to describe just about anything.

By many it is still often confused and used interchangeably with spiritism, its used as an excuse to skip Church at Sundays (or alternatively – Shul at Fridays), as an euphemism for being too lazy to stick to anything demanding or scheduled, as a socially acceptable label for procrastination and what not.

Yes, yes – i’ve heard it too – religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who have already being there.

But in what ways organized “spiritual” movements differ from organized religion? In my experience – in none, except that the former tend to be more costly and eventually, in the long run, can cause even more harm.

Before the internet – we’ve all read those enlightened books by some presumably spiritually advanced individuals – swamis, avatars, gurus, ravs, tulkus… whatever they choose to call themselves, and a range of titles that have no actual significance is as broad as the very paradigm in which the term spirituality is misused.

Few were the chosen ones who could travel to distant lands to meet these enlightened teachers of the humanity – and they were inevitably coming  back with accounts of witnessed miracles and spiritual heights unimaginable to you, the mortal.

Nowadays mere googling of  many (if not the most) of those super-human reveals an all another reality and sends chills down your spine – that of manipulators, rapists, con artists, pedophiles… Check out Rick Ross‘ excellent cult-watch site, if you can stomach it.

I’ve heard it too – the mad excuses – that the victim’s soul has agreed to that on a higher level, that whatever Guru does – is for the best… Spare me.

A blinded follower would excuse just about anything… just don’t call them a follower, as they call themselves  seekers.

Its one of the first phrases learned in a cult – we are not followers… Chances are that you are, and even way more sheepish than your average Church-goer.

Then the infamous lightworkers. What’s your occupation? Ah, i see you work for the Light.

The genuine torchbearers of humanity historically tried hard to conceal the fact that they were spreading wisdom, sacred texts and healing techniques, because they well aware which ramifications it carried since the dawn of humanity.

At this age – we have internet forums for lightworkers, with subforums for “start seeds” and   other kinds of multidimensional beings.

Its not that you spoiled your child rotten, she’s  an indigo or  a magenta or whatever.

There is no business like holy business,  its as simple as that.

Publishing houses cash in on our need to come up with fancy new words for our character flaws and life challenges and individuals short of morals but skilled in the new age jargon hyper-product all kind of manuals on how to become super rich, super thin – and more so, super enlightened, and all of it overnight.

Of course there are exceptions – personally i swear by a list of books by contemporary philosophers of Tarot – grab a Mary K. Greer‘s book, or Rachel Pollack‘s ; read an article by Bonnie Cehovet or a blog post by Lisa Fridenborg Lloyd; get Dan Pelletier’s ‘The Way of the Tarot Reader’ – you can’t go wrong there.

Interestingly, none of these great minds claim infallibility – and actually in a way compete each other in listing their own challenges…

And they don’t offer easy paths and instant solutions, all agree its a process, more so – usually a time consuming and often arduous one.

But there is no other way around it.

That makes me think of the Torah – all of those greatest souls – they were described in all their greatness, but with all their shortcomings too: Moses couldn’t speak properly and on occasions was quite vain; the way in which King David seduces Bathseva is all but honorable – and his reputable grandmother, matriarch Ruth – well she does come across as somewhat of a gold-digger.

Don’t dismiss it took those courageous people capable of countless miracles (albeit they were occasionally acting like bunch of spoiled brats), guided by a divinely inspired leader – forty years of wandering in a desert – after they had left the land of bondage and before they entered their destination, the land of mill and honey.

Nothing is by chance there – its meant to show us that we are humans and that no one expects us to be angels while on earth and in physical bodies and that ours is not even meant to be easy, it can’t be.

Personally, i avoid the worn out PC term spirituality all together as in this age its discourse is long gone.

Once upon a time, it denoted a non-dogmatic thinker, a philosopher and an authentic experimentalist   – Aldous Huxley was being spiritual when he was taking mescaline and writing “The Doors of Perception.”

Mahatma Gandhi was being spiritual, fighting for his country independence.

Being spiritual meant igniting the spark of light in everything you do, being spiritual denoted the supreme power of the spirit over the matter, opening the new horizons for your contemporaries.

Now it means close to nothing and its commercialized to such extent that to me personally it became quasi pejorative.

Were all those pseudo-gurus and their followers that enlightened, were their books really good – the world wouldn’t be a Sodom and Gomorrah that it is.

There is a widespread dogmatic thinking and habitual, yet void of meaning repeating of rituals – call it religion, call it spirituality – the benefits of it for an individual and, generally, for our planet, is non existent.

Repeating endlessly affirmations that all is good, while the reality bites you is as meaningful as confessing your presumed sins to a pedophile priest.

Its not good, more so – overall situation in the world is alarmant.

The only way out is magic – because its magic that’s opposite to religion, not spirituality; its magic – the scientific and artful way to cause the change to occur.

Lets have the intent to repair the world by magical means today, on the 15th day of the month of Aquarius, known among kabbalists as the New Year for the Tree(s).

Yes, you guessed it right – esoterically, its our chance to connect to the Tree of Life.

On an earthly level – lets honor mother nature today. Plant a tree. Eat fruits and whole-wheat’s mindfully and gratefully, say a blessing if you know one.

Most importantly – have a consciousness that its today that we plant new seeds for the year to come – those of growth and renewal.

If you have fifteen spare minutes – listen to  Zohar class for TuBeshavat by Shaul Youdkevitch, one of the leading kabbalists of our days (its free, albeit donations are welcomed)


It is a process and we are running out of time. Let’s plant the seeds today.

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