an apology: its funny that you actually can have a PARTIAL GIFT… i can write about most things, but not about feelings, as my own are too overwhelming to be worded. I never wrote about love, real love – the furthest i’ve gone is a short story about brief cyber relationship. Could be because i am raised in a culture which doesn’t encourage expressing feelings – and more so, strongly oppresses the┬áoutward expressions of love and intimacy. I spent most of the day yesterday thinking of how to word the awe and admiration i feel for you, wonderful people, my fb friends and fellow bloggers… and all i could come up with was a digitally altered photo of my furbaby. This morning i got a beautifully worded message which themagnificentsomething addressed to his friends… and i reblogged it for you because i can make you laugh, and thanks goodness for that – but words fail me when i try saying how much you mean to me.