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As our liberal and open minded Hero was travelling further…

At this point, the narration was briefly interrupted by Hero’s personal PR& Principal Secretary, who called everyone’s attention to the following authorized press release:

In order to maintain the positive reputation of the Hero on whose journey, laid with unexpected turns, the only constants proved to be his purity of intent – and thus, to avoid as much as possible the inappropriate interpretations of his story as well as undesirable and potentially harmful influence on the audience, hereby we state the following:

Throughout his journey the Hero has remained aware of and responsible to his previous commitments and duties – the journey itself was undertaken during the sabbatical endorsed by the Human Recourse Department of the Reputable Corporation at which he has spent years as one of the highest performing employees. 

The Reputable Corporation, upon Hero’s request, has agreed to endorse his journey which is viewed as a contribution towards his coming back refreshed and becoming an even better employee.

Last but not the least, the Hero was regularly calling his mother.

Thank you for your attention. 

The next character Hero was to meet was – The Trump Previously Known As Hierophant, who meanwhile had left the chains of religions dogma and had become an Universal Spiritual Eclectic.

With one of his former two official followers, who so inappropriately used to be portrayed kneeling, he co-authored the best-selling horror novel: “Memories of an altar boy”;  all three of them have had became co-founders of a non-profit organization assisting voluntarily cult exit and thought reform which became widely known for its information-oriented approach.

After having acquainted the Hero with the moving story of his life – The Trump Previously Known As Hierophant introduced him to Sisters&Wives – The Trump Previously Known As Lovers.

Upon their public refusal to continue denoting hard choices and temptations of the heart, TTPKAL became well know televangelists; as a modern polyamorous family unit they used the onstage appearances to condemn the culture glorifying unnecessary sacrifice and stemming from it traumatic ramifications.

TTPKAL kept fighting the social prejudices and spreading a powerful spiritual message  in the framework of the campaign: We can have our cake and eat it!

Numerous qualified social researchers and – most importantly – several Hollywood celebrities have credited this very campaign in becoming the long overdue catalyst of change and consequent global paradigm shift from limited understanding of choices to comprehensive acceptance of alternatives.

Next non-conforming to traditional modes of conduct trio on Hero’s journey was the Charioteer and the two Sphinx; in order to meet them the Hero traveled to Egypt where all three had chose to spend their retirement.

The Charioteer shunned away from his title but choose to keep it for valid publicity reasons – he authored the book ” How to Win Friends and Influence Tarot Minors For the Highest Good of Everyone Involved” in which was given a chronological account of his struggle to overcome the unsympathetic public image.

In their turn – both Sphinx claimed their share of responsibility in Charioteer’s former lack of popularity by admitting their being affected with an antisocial personality disorder common in mythical creatures whose image was exploited in popular culture; its most severe symptom – the tendency to disturb travelers with unreasonable riddles has being overcome during the course of behavioral therapy which included their volunteering as  independent travel guides to Giza Pyramids.

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