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 Rabbi Jehuda Löw, the Golem of Prague's creator

The rustling of silken empress’ dress snapped me out of zealous evening prayers. She was walking arm in arm with the pope – the latter was an implication of their intimacy, which had become the talk of the town; closely behind them two devoted followers with shaved heads were treading.

They were surprised that i was reading evening prayers at dawn – they were heading to greet Goddess Nut who was giving birth to mighty Amon Ra in the morning sky above Egypt.

I got it that we were caught in different time zones.

Three-eyed Shiva and sensual Parvati danced, gripped in the eternal hug of life and death, as if they were at some bare Himalayan cliff and not beside the warm stove in my kitchen.

Buddha-traveler, who was sitting at the window stool, threw over his worn out cloth bundle from one shoulder to another and bursted out laughing.

Dignified holy mother from the eastern wall silenced him with a look so that baby Jesus in her arms wouldn’t be awaken from the sleep.

In the darkened thelogical room of his library, Rabbi Judah Loew, The Maharal of Prague, span the wooden globe and gave a meaningful look to Golem.

In Montenegro, the sun has sat.

short story from collection ‘Io Triumpe’, published by OKF, Cetinje (2008)

Copyright©2008 Lena Ruth Stefanovic, All Rights Reserved

 the photograph of Rabbi Loew statue in Prague is free of copyright, source – German wiki