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My neighbors have a black Lab, Billy, whom i love with all my heart. I know him since he was a puppy, used to baby-sit him and even take him for walks when his family had to travel on business. He was the sweetest, loveliest puppy you can imagine and ever since he has a special place in my heart, as if he is mine in a way too.

As of now, he is one year old young man and he developed a keen interest in the big world, beyond the security of his loving home  – that is, he started bypassing the garden’s fence and the entrance gate and began wandering on his own. Normally he makes it home in ten minutes or so, but today he was gone since early morning and it was close to noon when my friends alarmed the neighborhood that he is missing.

We felt devastated, some ran immediately to search him, someone called the police, someone was putting together information for facebook page, pictures of him were to be printed and distributed across the city.

I did what i know – firstly, Little Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to protect him, so he won’t be harmed.

I casted I Ching, did Tarot reading and used pendulum to locate him. I got hexagram 12, Standstill with moving lines at the bottom and second from the bottom, changing to hexagram 10 Treading.

Albeit i couldn’t make much sense of the hexagram Standstill’s text – i got it that he didn’t venture too far away – the “ribbon grass” being pulled out in the 1st line, and sod coming out with it pretty much describes the national park nearby and the work city’s communal service does there at this time of the year. (Confucian perspective aside, the Book of Changes does get that literal at times.)

I did not like the ‘inferior’ people in the line two, that told me someone might try to take Billy away or harm him in some other way.

Tarot was even harsher, Death came out and – as mystical as it might be – it’s certainly not the card you want to see in a reading on a missing companion.

From the other side – i know Hexagram 12 usually speaks of some danger that gets avoided, albeit – by the skin of the teeth.

With pendulum, starting at the national park I Ching had indicated, we more or less traced Billy’s itinerary, at that time he had passed by the Church of Saint George and was heading towards city’s center. Then it struck me – the “inferior people” and  “treading the tiger’s tail, (but the tiger) not to bite” – the danger came from the car and irresponsible drivers, he could have gotten hit by a car.

So, with his mom we started sending him energetic support. I got an antique dog figurine from the library, where it usually stands – a treasured gift from my dear friend,  known Montenegrin painter Tiho Vujovic, which once belonged to his grandmother’s collection.

Another item used in the magical setting was porcelain candle-holder from my childhood friend, an angel is playing violin on its doorstep. With Billy’s mom we lit a candle and had the intent for Billy to find his way home.

We read Kabbalistic prayers, called angels of the day and read Zohar. That’s my daily spiritual practice anyway, but this week’s reading from Zohar is Vayikra, and that’s exactly the part you want to read when you need a miracle.

Then we sat and waited. In less then half an hour, we heard familiar noise of Billy voraciously gulping water in the front yard. The baby was home.