Bonnie Cehovet ‘s review of Emily Carding’s Tarot of the Black Mountain! I am so excited! As Bonnie rightly notices, this was the first Tarot deck to be published in Montenegro – and Em had chosen it to be about Montenegro itself! (Black Mountains being the English name of the country.) And it came together with my 2nd book, collection of Tarot-inspired short stories- Io Triumpe (OKF, Cetinje.) THANK YOU SO MUCH, BONNIE!

Perspectives On Tarot

I recently received an incredible package from an incredible lady – Lena Ruth Stefanovich. She shared with me two of her books, and the decks that go with them. I am both honored and humbled to be able to have this material in my hands.

The first book is “Lo Triumpe” (OKF, Cetinje, 2008), a book of short stories based on the Tarot. The stories themselves I cannot comment on, as they are not in English. The 22 card Major Arcana deck that accompanies this book is entitled the “Black Mountain Tarot”, and is illustrated by the inimitable Emily Carding. The deck came nicely presented in spreadsheets of four cards each. In her foreword, Emily notes that Lena left the choice of the theme for the deck up to her – Bravo Lena! You two ladies together are incredible! A not so small point – this was the first deck…

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