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I’ve been thinking of what i’ll write next for couple of days now; i wanted to cover erotic novels as a genre – following the worldwide infatuation with James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey”- with digressions on Umberto Ecco’s  subversive power of laughter concept,  but truth to be told, my mind is actually busy with one way more trivial topic…

It’s the Kate Upton’s ‘case’ and the bashing she got at skinnygossip forum: http://www.skinnygossip.com/kate-upton-is-well-marbled/

I spent hours at the forum, trying to figure out what is it exactly – and i wouldn’t say it is pro-ana (promoting anorexia), at least not openly; it seems that many members there are models or else working within fashion industry and, well, it’s within their job description to be thin… Or is it?

The unflattering picture of Kate Upton seem to negate it.

In these parts traditionally measures for a beauty peagent contestant are 90-60-90 cm ( i am not sure what is i tin inches)  and even less than that for models.

My personal favorite is Croatian model Petra Friganovic:

Petra is also a dear friend of mine and i do know she leads a very healthy and proactive lifestyle; i met Petra’s mother who – in her mid fifties –  is also stunning – and quite thin too.

A lot of it indeed comes genetically (i am not that lucky) albeit truth is that pigging out on junk food and sedentary life style  will ruin any figure, sooner or later.

Here is another of my favorites – a classical Mediterranean beauty, the drop-dead gorgeous Jelena Milic, Montenegrin contestant at Miss All Nations peagent in Nanjing 2011:

My own role model at the time was Cindy Crawford – i used to do her DVD work outs and all in all was inspired bur her toned and defined figure; back then (in 90ies) super models looked healthy and slim.

Too thin models are not to my taste but with standards we have here, albeit myself i am far from being thin, it is difficult for me to see Kate Upton as a “model”. A sensual woman -sure, attractive too, but a model (let alone the size) with cellulite and love handles… not really.

Of course, the controversial blog entry at skinnygossip is a gross exaggeration, but still – if one’s job is to model and they are highly paid for it, isn’t it unprofessional not to keep in shape? I don’t think Kate Upton should lose weight, but it does seem she needs to exercise  – and badly so.

Anyway, i did cast I Ching on all this size obsession, and here is what i got:

51. Arousal, Thunder, moving lines 1,3,5,6 , changing to 33. Retreat/ Save your bacon

I Ching is endlessly deep – Hexagram 51. does actually indicate sexual arousal among zillion other things, it’s also about shock and laughter… and totally missing the point, it’s a warning too.

Six at the top means:
Shock brings ruin and terrified gazing around.
Going ahead brings misfortune.
If it has not yet touched one’s own body
But has reached one’s neighbor first,
There is no blame.
One’s comrades have something to talk about.*

When inner shock is at its height, it robs a man of reflection and clarity of vision.
In such a state of shock it is of course impossible to act with presence of mind.
Then the right thing is to keep still until composure and clarity are restored.
But this a man can do only when he himself is not yet infected by the agitation,
although its disastrous effects are already visible in those around him.
If he withdraws from the affair in time, he remains free of mistakes and injury.
But his comrades, who no longer heed any warning, will in their excitement
certainly be displeased with him. However, he must not take this into account.

(Wilhelm’s translation)

I just laughed out loud at this line: One’s comrades have something to talk about, for it seems to be literally referring to the skinnygossip forum! 

It is interesting that all the media uproar is due to an anonymously posted blog entry; if we go by the distinguishing between important and unimportant  rule – which presumably shapes the human intelligence – why does it matter at all? It’s not a statement by World Health Organization or a FDA guidance, it’s merely – a gossip, yet NYDaily features article on it and  so does Elle and Yahoo and pretty much everyone else.

It’s a thing to boost the hits&ratings i guess, while obsessing over “celebrities” long ago became the most wide spread form of idolatry – albeit it’s presumably a no-go within Judeo-Christian tradition…

The Chinese character  for Hexagram 33, Dùn , is pig (1) + meat (2) , which is a suckling pig, one raised to be eaten; again – tongue in cheek given that we are discussing fat tissue here!`

(image adopted from YiJing, Oracle of the Sun by LiSe Heyboer http://www.yijing.nl/)

If seriously, the nuclear Hexagram of 33 is 44 – Heir/GÒU; in the Judgment of hexagram 44 it is said that the woman is zhuang , a word only used with men or boys. In the sixth line we have a girl wearing the hairstyle of a boy. The picture we get from this is that of a Mulan, a girl who behaves like a boy, which (in ancient Chinese culture) of course is highly impropriate.

The next Hexagram – 34 – is DÀ ZHUÀNG, Power or Strength.

All in all, it does seem that the epoch of pre-puberty boy-like thin models is over and that a healthier and stronger looks will be promoted from now on – to that i say Amen! 

But, no love handles and suckling piglets, please! 

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