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Last couple of days i had meeting after meeting with publishers for  my two new collections of poetry that are due, and as i am used to calm and rather “monastic” way of life, that kind of schedule has totally drained me. It’s a necessary thing to do, but all the legal and  technical stuff is tiring, so this time instead of the usual “brain stretch”, i am offering you a peek into the (not so)secret life of a Tarot collector… Enjoy 😉

Making all kinds of sub-collections is a question of honor for every Tarot collector, here is my Baba Prague sub-collection:

Tarot of Prague, Fairytale Tarot, Bohemian Gothic Tarot, Victorian Romantic Tarot, Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot

Getting excited about ever new decks is the thing to do, expanding your collection in various ways as well (here are my newest additions to the playing cards collection) – the  parcel is from everyone’s favorite Alida store in San Marino:
playing cards + Fournier TdM

Organizing your collection and finding more and more room for numerous boxes is yet another thing to go on and on about on social networks: organizing Tarot collection

Writing Tarot-inspired fiction is uber-cool; these were taken at 3d Winter Book Fair in Montenegro, two years ago (from left to right – Dragana Boskovic, Lena Ruth Stefanovic, Tanja Bakic)Launch of Io Triumpe, Tarot of the Black Mountains

Dragana Boskovic, Lena Ruth Stefanovic, Tanja Bakic

Left to right: poetess, Blake scholar and president of Montenegrin association of publishers and booksellers -Tanja Bakic, Lena Ruth Stefanovic, mediator – Dragana Boskovic

Snapping pictures of various meditation settings and altering them digitally is super chique as well:

Thoth Death + Kabbalah Deck meditation settingJuxtaposing cards from various Marseilles decks is a must:

Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille (Hadar), Jean Noblet Tarot, Jacques Vieville Tarot de Marseilles

Left to right: Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille (Hadar) , Jean Noblet Tarot , Jacques Vieville Tarot

Matching cloths, candle-holders and of course – crystals are the endless source of excitement for a collector – and a curse to his credit card ( Tarot of Prague )

Baba Studio/ Magic Realist Press

... and of course I Ching ;)

Coffee table occupied by decks is a norm – and so is sipping on your coffee anywhere else, but at the very table… Too many collector’s tears are cried over coffee spilled on cards for that to be even remotely possible! 😉