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Some vintage pictures for you – of a life as it once was…

Growing up in Ukraine, early 70ies, with my grandmother of blessed memory:


My father, concentration camp survivor joins People’s Liberation Army ( to the right) :


In Belgrade, during 50ies (my father to the left, with mustache: )



Strolling and catching up on the news – the tanks seemed to be a part of the landscape (Ukraine in 70ies)



My mother marrying into Montenegrin tribe of Bratonozic ( Bratonožići)  in 1959:


The day when Tito died… (Embassy of Yugoslavia in Sofia, Bulgaria.)


Northern Montenegro, late 70ies



Mother wearing a wig:


Existential ennui at an early age …


Montenegrin coast, mid 70ies

“The best son of our people”… Who knew all of it will end in blood in tears…