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Meet Enrique Enriquez – a genius artist, an avant-garde philosopher and a cult author as he is exploring the poetics of the Marseilles tarot (IMDB trailer.)

Enrique  is a controversial thinker in the world of Tarot – he does not believe in spirits, the supernatural or in anything else mystical per that matter; his approach to the cards is purely visual and poetic.

“Tarology – The Poetics of Tarot” is the word’s first feature length documentary on Tarot, which breaks new intellectual and artistic grounds as it explores Enrique’s unique philosophy and the ancient craft of tarot reading.

While being interrogated by Paul Nagy, Enrique had confessed to the following:

“A person needs to have a very particular kind of intelligence to engage with images (any kind of images) in a useful way. The whole enterprise of art is based on the fact that we, human beings, possess such intelligence, but it is also commonly assumed that art is not for everybody.

At the moment I can’t honestly subscribe to any bombastic claim about the purpose of tarot readings. The tarot may not be for everybody. Tarot readings won’t accomplish the same things for everybody.

So far I have been talking about the performance of tarot, which may or may not be the same thing as the performance of a reading for a client. On top of having empathy with the images, a reading asks for creating rapport with another human being.

So far I have been discussing my quest to find the tarot’s crank, or its pedals; that contraption which, once located, guarantees I may get some sound out of the cards. I simply hope to be the monkey grinding the organ.  I seek for beauty in the performance of the tarot, by a notion that, if such beauty is brought forth, the client will in turn make beauty into meaning for them.”

Enrique is also known for explaining the alphabet to the movie makers.

And if you want to see something truly miraculous (that’s – regardless Enrique’s own disbelief in the miracles), do check out the process of making the “Blindfold Portraits”!

As Oskar Kokoschka used to say –  a good portrait has nothing to do with the amount of details, but with the power the artist has of getting a strong impression from his subject… But that’s just a side note.

That being said, EYECORNER PRESS is an independent academic publishing house started as a collaboration between several uber cool universities which promote academic writing with an edge.

As you’d know “THE PRESS gives priority to works that engage with rigorous thinking, but which are yet informed by a creative style, and irreverent approaches to literature, culture, philosophy, and visual art.”

AND this very super cool publishing house has announced for December 2012 Enrique’s forthcoming book EN TEREX IT: Encounters around Tarot, where “Enrique gathers fresh voices and sharp tongues to speak of the art of Tarot as the art of living magically. 47 tarot luminaries (readers, historians, philosophers, and scientists alike) gather here to offer unique perspectives on what we can think of is divination with bones, human bones. Artists, deck creators, and modern-day neo-platonists follow Enrique’s lead, letting themselves be enchanted by the piper at the gate of games.” (Camelia Elias from her Intro)

In the book you will meet the coolest of the cool in the world of Tarot – Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, Paul Nagy, Robert Place, Emily Carding, Dan Pelletier and, last but not the least,

sincerely yours

Lena Ruth Stefanovic 😉