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I am all for quality, not quantity & all that jazz, i never aimed to post daily – except on days when i suffer from incurable logorrhea which side effects include the unrestrictable desire to share random thoughts on WordPress… This happens quite random, mind you.

Thus, i mostly bypass Daily Propmts, and the current entry would be on forthcoming NanoWrimo, hadn’t i come across this very Daily Post: “Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.”

The midnight was long gone by local time and I was packing for Moscow. I don’t have time for this, yet, just for the sake of it – i hit random word generator… This is what i got:

Interesting, is it not? Curiosity is known to be one of the leading indicators of intelligence – and also of sleepless nights wasted on aimless browsing. Nah, not me, i don’t do those…

Next thing you know i was counting heads on Google Image Result.

And i was going to sleep immediately after that, i swear… Until a deprived shaven female head yelled out to me from the computer screen. Oh, every woman’s horror! You know those dreams where you walk naked across the crowded circus (and it’s winter and of course you haven’t shaved in a while, alongside other, usual problems with walking naked along crowded circuses)?

That’s what this poor head told me about – the unusually sad story of cyber neglect, of a  digital art done in hurry and a male 3D artist who had left her hairless and sent her naked pictures into the big online word… I cringed. I felt sick in my stomach. “Didn’t bother do hair as it was just a quick project for practice”, the 3D artist says… Goodness, who does that to a cyber woman?!

I heard her plea. I understood and didn’t mind she used Google as some kind of reversed Ouija Board, so to get my attention. I would be capable of using anything to get the help i needed was i in her place… Look at that lipstick – not even a 90 years old would wear it! Not to mention that these colors are not produced for at least twenty years by now – and the girl could develop a cyber allergy from wearing expired make up!

Forget about getting sleep when your sister is in such a tragic situation! I made myself a cup of coffee and took the poor girl to http://www.taaz.com/

First i helped her get rid of that sickish tan she was given by her creator, in my opinion -a ruthless male 3D artist with no understanding of fine art of makeup.

We took off that horrible black eyeliner and removed the dreadful brown lipstick. You can’t grow hair overnight – not even online, so we opted for a wig. The poor head and myself then spent an hour or so applying concealers, shadows, mascaras and the rest of  girl’s essentials. We made her lips bigger, teeth whiter. She needed contacts, colored ones of course. The eyebrows needed fixing – i mean, those are ‘half of the face’ as my mother likes to accentuate the importance of correct plucking.

After her makeover was done, the photo itself needed some corrections too – adding some light and filters here and there.

Around 3 am both once bald cyber head with tasteless makeup and sleepless me were satisfied with the result. Here it is, judge for yourself:

Copyright Notice: The original illustration was digitally altered beyond recognition and without  prejudicial intentions, thus it can not be considered to be in breach of its creator’s intellectual and moral rights.