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Indeed, life is what happens while we are busy with other things…

If someone had told me i’d develop an obsession for cupcakes, i wouldn’t really believe them; i hardly ever eat sweets, cupcakes are not really common where i am, most of the ingredients used to make them are unavailable in our parts… Lo and behold, i stumbled upon Judy’s blog and formally converted into cupcakeism!

And as it usually happens, one thing lead to another and i became a Kenley’s blog devotee as well!

I don’t even remember how i got to HarsH ReaLity, but as soon as i read Opinionated Man’s Intro, i became a follower!

I am hooked on Paul Mark’s inspiring and motivating posts!

The conspiracy of pleasure got me at first post’s skimming!

You might be surprised, but yet another blog i follow religiously is Small Business of America News; not that i do business in US, but out of principal – owners of the small, independent  businesses everywhere in the world are the very class on which the rule of democracy depends, hence my (symbolical, but still -) support.

thebettermanprojects is an old favorite.

These guys post amazing photography:






I love, love, love mymostlyunfabulouslife!

Maxim‘s is a versatile and pensive blog…

And i guess by now it’s pretty clear who is to blame for these scrambled thoughts and VERSATILE NOMINATIONS… the Tarot Alchemist herself!


Given that i ramble a lot about myself, here are (yet another) 7 interesting things about my collection:

(as promised to tuttacronaca )

Like every Tarot collector, i am a sucker for HTF (hard to find) decks, here is one of my darlings, Carnivale Tarot (Taiwan):

Carnivale Tarot (Taiwan)Carnivale Tarot (Taiwan)2

And another HTF deck from my collection, Turkish Kurmay Tarot:

Kurmay Tarot

I love dark decks – in thee foreground from right to left: Robert Place’s Vampire deck, New Orleans Voodoo (trimmed), Magical Forest:

Bohemian Gothic, Deviant Moon, Necronomicon, Favole, Vampires, Voodoo, Magical Forest

and French decks (in the foreground: ‘The True Tarot of Marseilles’)

Noblet, Vieville, Tarot de Paris, Le Veritable Tarot de Marseille

It goes without saying that i adore decks which depict cats (left to right: I Gati Buffi, I Gati Serie Originali, Baroq Bohemian Cats in their very own BBC bag)I Gati Buffi, I Gati Serie, Bohemian Baroque Cats

I ‘ve mentioned  sub-collections before as the fastest way to spend significant sums in the least possible time; these two babies i got (ehem) because they were created by members of the same family, father and daughter Trevisan – Tarot of the Renaissance and Crystal Tarot:

Trevisan decks

And now, ladies and gentleman, tada! Here is the latest arrival to the collection, The Grail Tarot:

The Grail Tarot

Don’t ask! 😉