About this blog & Awards received

Does the world need yet another blog in addition to 20 000 000 existing ones? Probably not. But i do. And this is why:

1. because i can start my sentences with AND without an editor getting a mini heart attack;

2. because after having published three books, i am getting increasingly tired of publishers, printing houses and everybody else in the industry;

3. because my vocation is to write and because i love doing so, when i am writing – for me the time stops.

I am not into writing novels, i have little interest in them.

I am all for short stories and, as of recently – the essays – because i don’t see a reason to rape some thought over fifty pages when i can express it in fifty words.

You see, as a student of Chinese Philosophy, my writing style  might be fatally “deviated” by Eastern thought – Lao Tzu (given that he was an actual person that is), one of the wisest people in history, believed by many to be the teacher of the historical Buddha himself – said all he had in some fifty pages… like, really.

They say there are boring parts in every great novel… well, why are they there? Why including 1000000th description of the drifting clouds, when most of my readers are urban crowd who aren’t that much into the drifting clouds in the first place?

Right, some of us dare admit it – as awesome as nature is – we prefer the concrete of the city.

I am not much interested in moral dilemmas of most of the characters of the contemporary novels -especially if they exceed half A4 page- as  most of those can answer a five grader. Seriously.

Short stories are my forte. I adore Raymond Carver. And i believe – was he alive – that he would be blogging too.

The Copper Sun




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